We create inserts for all kinds of hard cases such as Pelican, Pelican Storm, HPRC, Nanuk etc. As we are Pelican and HPRC dealers, we have the internal dimensions of these drawings pre-loaded, so all we need to know is the model number.

We can also make foams inserts for almost any kind of existing case you may have, such as aluminium or plywood road cases. If you can supply us the internal dimensions, we can cut the block of foam to suit.

Although custom case inserts cost a little more than our ready-to-order inserts, we try to make custom work as affordable as possible. Things that affect the price of the custom work include number of items, complexity of shapes, special features or requests, grade of foam and size (volume) of the case. Using hard cases that we stock such as Pelican & HPRC will reduce the design time and costs.

Once your custom insert has been designed, repeat reorders of the same insert are priced in line with ready-to-order case inserts of the same size. You only pay for the design on the first case.

We use a small selection of high quality foams for our custom case inserts. The majority of our case inserts are made out of Polyethylene (PE) Foam and occasionally an open cell polyurethane foam.

For custom work, there are two different grades of PE foam to choose from. Our Standard PE Foam and/or a Premium PE Foam.

Both protect the contents very well, the premium foam just stays looking fresh a little longer and has a luxurious feel and texture. The Standard foam is more succeptible to scuffs and marking, however this is purely cosmetic.

For larger cases (anything more than 150mm deep) we often recommend the standard foam for the bulk of the case, with a 5-10mm topper of the Premium Foam as the top layer of the case. This gives you the nicer look and feel, whilst still keeping costs down.

A case insert can be designed and cut in a few days, however the window to actually fit this in depends on the workload and backlog of orders we have. We always keep our website up to date with an approximate lead time on foam inserts and will provide a delivery estimate to you along with your quote. 

If it's urgent, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

We have the facility to engrave small, simple logos on black foam. Additional charges apply.

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